The Developer’s “Taking Care of Our Own – Davis-Based Buyers Program” is Inherently Exclusionary, Certainly Illegal, and Does not Reflect Davis’ Values of Inclusivity and Diversity.

A community is enriched and made more resilient by the diversity of its citizens – both racially and by age and income. Regionally, Davis has been the least racially diverse for many decades. Davis is also the “oldest” and the most “wealthy” city in terms of income and limited affordable housing stock available to working families.

West Davis Active Adult Community exacerbates ALL of these demographic imbalances in Davis. By limiting almost all home purchases in perpetuity to seniors, the project will continue to rob the City of the vitality of age diversity in population. Because the new homes will be classic sprawl on large lots, the resultant high prices will also invariably exclude working families.

Most worrisome, however, is the developer’s “Taking Care of Our Own – Davis-Based Buyers Program”. This inherently exclusionary program requires 90% of West Davis Active Adult Community buyers to have a pre-existing “relationship” with Davis by already living here, having a family member here, having attended Davis schools, or working here, among other criteria.

These types of locational preferences for housing—especially in a community with a history of housing practices that have favored white people and excluded minorities—are highly problematic in terms of fair housing law. In this broader historical context, the phrase “Taking Care Of Our Own” has much more implicit implications and consequences than the project proponents intended. People that have been historically excluded from living in Davis will continue to be excluded because of the restrictions that this project is proposing.

The developer justifies this discrimination by claiming it only favors seniors as allowed under current law. However, although housing laws do allow senior-only projects, they expressly prohibit exclusion of unaffiliated “outsiders” such as required by the “Taking Care of Our Own – Davis-Based Buyers Program”.

West Davis Active Adult Community “Taking Care of Our Own – Davis-Based Buyers Program” will clearly perpetuate the racial, age, and economic disparities in Davis and deny ownership opportunities to other racially diverse, younger, and less wealthy groups not currently well represented in Davis – to all of our disadvantage.